Extend the Life of Your Home’s AC

Air conditioning repair in Garner NCAnywhere you live in the United States, sans Alaska maybe, you are most likely using your AC unit for some period during the year. The farther south you go, the more you are using that appliance. It’s not a cheap one to run, but it can be a necessary one! Paying for a new unit is expensive, but major repairs can cost even more than a new unit. Extending the lifespan of your AC unit probably isn’t something you think about often.

At Choice Heating and Air, we understand that home comfort is essential during the dog days of summer. When your unit is cleaned and serviced regularly, you can count on cold air at the flip of a switch or the touch of a button. If your air conditioner has been less than chilly, call Choice Heating and Air and let our professional team of technicians inspect and clean your unit with affordable air conditioning repair in Garner NC. Small problems can be easily fixed before they become large issues, ensuring your HVAC system continues to run at peak efficiency.

How to prevent AC unit repairs or early replacement:

    • Every six months have a licensed professional come out to clean, inspect and perform any small maintenance repairs.
    • Filters inside the home should be replaced every four to six weeks based on the air quality in your home, and external filters should be replaced yearly. Check your owner’s manual to see suggestions for your particular unit.
    • Outdoor units need to be cleared of grass, leaves, and even dirt that can get on top of or inside the unit and start to restrict the airflow to the unit.
    • Check the drain line. This is where the condensed water is supposed to vacate the unit. If this gets clogged, you could notice a water spot on the ceiling or walls. Over time it could lead to flooding.
    • Glance over your unit every once in awhile to make sure nothing looks or sounds amiss.

As tempting as it is to skip regular maintenance checks on your air conditioning system, this can cause long term damage to your unit. Strange noises coming from your HVAC unit or the smell of hot plastic or burning when your unit turns on could indicate a larger issue. Don't wait to have your unit checked. Ignoring the problem will not make it go away and can cause more damage to your unit.

Choice Heating and Air strongly recommends including our Residential Premium Service agreement to your home's maintenance budget. This program covers two system checks per year, with preferred treatment when service is needed service. Service diagnostic, labor and 95% of all repairs are covered under the agreement at no additional cost to you. Ask your Choice Heating and Air representative about how to sign up and the exclusions to the plan. The checks performed during these service calls can help identify smaller problems before they become large issues.

Another great way to extend the life of your AC system is to install a programmable thermostat. Programmable thermostats help your system reduce its workload when you are not at home. By setting a schedule on your thermostat, your air conditioner will let your house remain cool during the day while you are away and turn down a few degrees to your desired cold level before you return home. Raising the temperature just a few degrees during the day when no one is home saves your system from constantly cycling off and on and wearing down the small components more quickly. These thermostats can be controlled from any smartphone, tablet or laptop anywhere in the world.

Affordable New Air Conditioning Repair in Garner NC

Do you need affordable air conditioning repair in Garner NC? Call Choice HVAC today. We have years of experience so we can help you make the right choice for your home. Our upfront pricing means that you'll always know how much you'll pay. We never have hidden costs. We’re the most trusted provider of service and repair in the area because of our dedication to customer service. Call our Garner office today for a free quote!

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