Tips for Using Exhaust, Home, and Ceiling Fans

Garner NC HVAC RepairFor homeowners who need to control the moisture in their homes, manage the heat, and control the indoor temperature of their homes, an exhaust fan may be the answer. There are three types of exhaust fans to choose from depending on the comfort needs within your home. Whether you are looking to pull moisture out of your home's bathroom, manage the heat in your attic, or help your air conditioner run more efficiently, the professional staff at Choice Heating and Air Conditioning wants to help you choose the right exhaust fan for your home.

Selecting the right exhaust fan for your home is as simple as identifying what problem you want to solve within your home. Check out our handy guide to exhaust fans below. If you need exceptional Garner NC HVAC repair or service, be sure to call Choice for a free estimate.

  • Bathroom Exhaust Fans - These fans are designed to help control the moisture in your bathroom. Every North Carolina homeowner knows that summer in the south means high humidity. Couple that high humidity with a small, poorly ventilated space and you've got a recipe for rapid mold growth. Mildew is common in the damp fabrics of your towels, shower curtains, and rugs. Without proper ventilation in your bathroom walls, cabinets, and fixtures may be damaged by this excess moisture. Many older homes lack these fans and can have significant moisture issues.
  • Attic Exhaust Fans - Everyone knows the attic of their home heats up to dangerous levels during the summer. Many attics reach temperatures between 150 - 160 degrees F. If your air conditioning unit is located in your attic, this high heat can be taxing on your unit and cause it to wear down faster. Ventilating this air can help keep the space cooler and reduce your home's energy costs. Ventilating your attic also helps control the moisture levels in your attic. Woodwork and insulation in your attic as well as your stored items can be damaged by the high heat and humidity.
  • Window Exhaust Fans - Simple to install in just seconds, these window units pull the hot, stale air out of your room and help your air conditioning unit work more efficiently. Rather than turning up the thermostat, use one of these convenient window units. Reducing energy costs, controlling the temperature of your room and circulating the air throughout your home are all possible. Move them from room to room to customize the temperature in whichever room you are in.

Adding an exhaust fan will cost you pennies on your energy bill, but it can save you hundreds in repair bills on an air conditioning unit that's working overtime or on a bathroom with mold and mildew problems.

Affordable Garner NC HVAC Repair, Service, and Installation

Still seeing an increase on your energy bill? Your air conditioning unit may be the culprit. If it's been more than six months since your air conditioning unit was cleaned and inspected, you need to call Choice Heating and Air Conditioning. Our expert staff can clean and evaluate your current comfort system. Whether you need a simple HVAC repair or part replacement or it's time for a new system, with Choice's flat rate guarantee the price you see is the price you pay. No hidden fees or surcharges, just straightforward pricing and quality service.

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