Don’t Ignore Odors from your Air Conditioner!

air conditioning service In Wake Forest NCIf you have a strange smell in your home when the air conditioner is on, and you know the dog didn’t do it, don’t ignore it and hope it will go away. Smells coming from your air conditioner are a sign of another problem.

In some cases they’re easy fixes, but in others, it could be a sign of something major. If you're in need of affordable air conditioning service in Wake Forest NC, call the experts at Choice HVAC today!

Why Does My AC Smell Bad?

A musty, moldy smell means there’s mold or mildew somewhere. The inside of an air conditioner is going to become damp from use, but moisture can build up over time if it’s not cleaned regularly. That moisture can cause bacteria to grow and spread. Mold spores can lower your indoor air quality, which can cause health problems. The musty smell can also be due to a clogged drain system. When water backs up in the tray and becomes stagnant, it can create a smelly odor that can permeate your house.

If your air filters are dirty or clogged, it can cause smells. You can blame the dog and his pet dander on this one. Filters catch the particles in the duct system, such as dust, mites and pet dander, and when they are not changed regularly, they can build up and develop a foul smell. Change your air filters once a month, more if you feel like there are more dust particles and whatnot in your home. If you have a lot of pets, that’s probably the case.

If the smell has a gassy tinge to it, there could be a leak. The refrigerant may be leaking from the system. Call in a professional such as a technician from Choice HVAC of Wake Forest to take a look. If it is not fixed soon, it could cause even more damage to your system.

The smell of sewage coming from your air conditioner means that a pipe or sewage line near your duct system may have burst. It only takes a little leak from the sewage line to get into the ductwork and make your home smell awful. Get a professional in immediately.

If you smell rotten eggs, it could mean that a critter crawled into your home somewhere and died. They probably made their last resting place in an air duct, and now when you turn the unit on, the smell of their decaying body infiltrates the house. It’s time to get a professional in to clear the animal out and clean the ducts.

The smell of gun powder doesn’t mean that a shoot up happened in your house, but it could mean that something shorted on the circuit board or motor, and now when the unit runs it blows that smell out of the register and into your home. When it comes to electrical issues, you want to have a professional check it out.

Having routine maintenance checks on your HVAC unit can help you keep the system clean, and avoid any potential problems, including pesky odors. Schedule them twice a year before summer and winter so you can have peace of mind knowing that your family will be comfortable year round.

Awesome Air Conditioning Service in Wake Forest NC

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