The main differences between residential and commercial HVAC systems

heat pump installation in Wake Forest NCThere are many differences between commercial and residential air conditioning units. Most people would reference the size, however there is more to it than that. There are many less obvious differences between the two. Luckily, the professionals at Choice Heating and Air are experienced with both residential and commercial units. Our team has many years of experience serving and servicing both business and residential customers.

We understand the needs are different but the goal is the same - keeping you cool (or warm) reliably. Our experienced technicians have outlined the major differences between commercial and residential air conditioning units. If your family is in need of affordable heat pump installation in Wake Forest NC, let Choice HVAC be your "top choice." Call us today for a free quote!

Commercial and Residential HVAC Differences

Location, Location, Location

Your home’s air conditioner is most likely found in your backyard or on the sides of your home. However, a commercial HVAC system is placed on the roof of the building or in swamp coolers. The reason? It avoids noise pollution inside the building. You can hear your AC unit at home kick on - can you imagine hearing the one in your office building all day long! It allows for service to happen at any time -whether the business is open or not. It saves space and allows for parking all around the building.


Residential HVAC units have to heat or cool a much smaller area. The entire system has one drain pain, outside the house. The commercial system has multiple pans, pipes and drains to ensure that evaporation takes place effectively and to ensure that the system doesn't overflow and flood the building.

Big vs. Little

Commercial systems are highly customized to efficiently and effectively heat and cool huge establishments. The equipment used in commercial structures is huge compared to residential equipment sizes. You could easily fit several of your homes HVAC systems into just one section of a commercial HVAC system. The interior temperature and humidity of a residential structure does not vary a lot so these systems are much less complex than their commercial counterparts.

Complex Systems

Commercial HVAC systems are calibrated for many different factors. How many people are in the building, how often is it occupied, what type of building is the unit being installed in. These systems are extremely complicated and require massive amounts of power to operate. Residential units are simply based upon the size of the structure and are far less complex.

Maintenance is Key

The complexity of commercial cooling units adds to the cost of its maintenance. Highly skilled technicians with special commercial HVAC training are required to work on these unique units. Routine and detailed maintenance help ensure the units longevity and efficiency. Residential units are much smaller and less complex and while they still require annual maintenance and monthly filter changes they are much easier to service overall in part because of their smaller size.

When you choose an HVAC contractor for your home or your business, choose one with the training, experience and certifications to do the job right the first time. Our dedicated team of highly trained HVAC professionals keep their certifications current and must meet rigorous internal standards - whether they are working on your home’s unit or a commercial unit.

Friendly and Affordable Heat Pump Installation in Wake Forest NC

Need services for heat pump installation in Wake Forest NC? Call the professionals at Choice Heating and Air of Wake Forest to evaluate your HVAC needs. We offer written estimates, professional servicing contracts for businesses and annual servicing contracts for residential customers. Preventive maintenance keeps your system functioning efficiently for longer.

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