Should You Cover Your Air Conditioner During the Winter?

Heat Pump Installation in Wake Forest NCBefore winter sets in it's important to make sure your HVAC unit is ready and protected against the elements. Covering and protecting your unit the right way can save you from costly repairs to your unit and expensive service calls. After having your unit covered all winter long, make sure to call Choice Heating and Air to have your unit inspected. We proudly offer bi-annual service plans which include cleaning and inspection of all your major HVAC components twice a year. These preventative checks keep your system running reliably and efficiently all year long. When you choose an annual maintenance plan, we call you to schedule - no more remembering to set the appointments yourself. If you need services for heat pump installation in Wake Forest NC, you'll love our fair prices. Find out how easy working with Choice HVAC can be - give us a call today!

Covering Your AC During The Winter - Is It Needed?

It's important to protect your HVAC unit all winter long. Dripping water from eaves, gutters and trees can get into the unit and cause major problems once the water refreezes inside the unit. The expanding water can put pressure on seals and hoses - this can lead to damages to the internal workings of the unit.

Flying debris and dried leaves can pose a serious risk to your unit as well when these items get caught in the delicate fins of your air conditioner's coil. Once these items are caught in the coil, the unit will be unable to release heat. It is important to have your unit cleaned before covering it for the winter. Having the unit cleaned and serviced before cooling season is imperative. Our annual service plans cover the cleaning and servicing of your interior and exterior components of your HVAC system.

Protect your unit from falling ice. Sensitive coil fins are easily danged by the force that falling ice produces. Falling ice can damage the outside of the air conditioner as well - causing extensive and costly repairs.

Accumulating snow and ice can encase the HVAC unit damaging the coil fins. Damage to these fins can be costly. Putting a cover on your HVAC is an affordable way to protect your unit from the elements all season long. Ask your Choice Heating and Air pro about choosing the right cover for your HVAC unit.

When covering your unit, keep in mind that your cover should be made of breathable material. Never wrap your unit in plastic. This can trap in condensation and cause your HVAC unit to rust or mold. Trapped moisture in your HVAC unit can also cause ice to build up in your unit which can damage fins, connections and hoses as the weather warms up and then dips below freezing again. Plastic also encourages insects and pests to take up residence in your unit to escape the winter elements.

Protect your unit by building a protective case around the unit. A sheet of plywood may be placed over the top of the unit to protect it from the weight of snow and ice throughout the season. Consider using shrubs or bushes to protect your unit from blowing snow. Ask your Choice Heating and Air technician about making sure you allow for proper clearance around your unit to ensure that it receives the right amount of air flow.

Choosing to cover your HVAC unit through the winter can help protect your unit from damage and debris. Your Choice Heating and Air technician can provide you more tips for caring for your HVAC unit during the winter while they perform your bi-annual HVAC service. Haven't scheduled your service appointment yet? Give us a call today!

Dependable Heat Pump Installation in Wake Forest NC

If you're wanting more comfort and need affordable heat pump installation in Wake Forest NC, we invite you to call our office and schedule a time to meet with one of our highly trained technicians to discuss your options and to have your current HVAC system evaluated. We offer a wide range of heating and cooling solutions to fit your needs and your budget.

When saving time and money is important, call Choice HVAC for the best Wake Forest NC heat pump services.

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