Most Common Questions About Window Air Conditioners

Wake Forest air conditioning serviceMany homeowners have questions about window air conditioners and how to choose an appropriately sized unit for their home. Before you begin shopping for a window air conditioner, take into consideration how warm the air in your room gets. For a room that faces the south or the east, the temperature could be between eight and ten degrees warmer than other rooms in your home. For this particular issue, you'll need to account for the heat load that your new unit will be asked to handle and the size of the room. Don't worry, this sounds much more complicated than it really is. Read on to learn how to calculate these factors and get the right unit for your room. Do you need Wake Forest air conditioning service? Choice HVAC is the number one choice for local residents. Call today.

When you begin shopping for a window air conditioner, you'll encounter new terms like BTU. A BTU is a British Thermal Unit. This measurement is used throughout the heating and cooling profession as a way to describe the air conditioner's ability to cool your room adequately. The larger your room, the more BTUs you need. Before you calculate, remember the heat load we touched on before. A place that is 400 square feet with a high heat load will require a unit that puts out between 12,000 and 14,000 BTUs. Once you know the square footage of your room and the heat load, you can choose the right window air conditioner. If your square footage falls between unit sizes, size up and run the unit at a lower fan speed for best energy efficiency.

Homeowners often ask if window air conditioners are more energy efficient than a central HVAC System when it comes to cooling their home. The answer is dependent on whether or not your units are the correct BTU capacity for the rooms that they are in, how often you run the air conditioner, and whether you are trying to cool just a few rooms in your home or the entire house. For homeowners who are paying a higher energy bill due to a failing air conditioner, the cost of purchasing and running window units may be beneficial. If you are waiting for an emergency HVAC repair in the middle of summer, a window unit in one or two rooms where you sleep can provide much-needed relief.

Best Wake Forest Air Conditioning Service

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