Common Questions About Heat Pumps in Cary, NC – Part 2

If you're not a professional contractor or HVAC technician, and you own a heat pump, you may have questions about how it works or when to call in a professional for service. We addressed many of your common questions about heat pumps last week, but today's questions are in response to those who already own a heat pump system. If you missed the previous article or you have questions that aren't answered in today's piece, be sure to click here. Furthermore, if you need your heat pump repaired in Cary, NC, be sure to give CHOICE HVAC a call today!

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1. My Heat Pump is Smoking! Does my Cary Heat Pump Need Repair?

The first time you turn on your heat pump for the season, your heat pump will likely burn off any dust nearby. This is completely normal and should resolve on its own. However, you can avoid the annual scare by keeping the area around your heat pump clean and dust-free. Typically, you can use a vacuum to clean away any dust particles.

Heat pumps also commonly go through a defrost cycle and can frost over much like your HVAC unit. As your heat pump heats your home, the frozen condensation on the unit can heat up and steam, like a hot pot of tea. Again, this is completely normal and will resolve on it's own. However, if you find that the defrost cycle is lasting an extended amount of time (longer than 15 minutes), then give us a call.

2. How often do Cary Heat Pumps need to be serviced?

Yes, your heat pump requires regular maintenance - in fact, you should plan to have your heat pump inspected and tuned up semi-annually.

3. How Often Should My Heat Pump’s Air Filters be Replaced?

As a general rule of thumb, all air filters (whether it be your HVAC unit or heat pump) should be replaced every 30 days. Some of the higher-end air filters can last up to three months, but we recommend to replace your air filters once a month.

4. Does My Outdoor Cary Heat Pump Need to be Covered in the Winter?

No. In order for your heat pump to work effectively, it must be able to pull in the outdoor air through its vents and travel to the top of the unit. Covering your heat pump can cause damage to the system and prevent your heat pump from doing its job. However, you should keep the area around your heat pump free of leaves or snow.

5. How Often Do You Need to Replace Your Heat Pump in Cary, NC? 

Your heat pump should last between 10-15 years if it is properly maintained. However, if your Cary heat pump repeatedly needs to be serviced, you're likely spending more on repairs than it would to just replace it. If your heat pump is 10+ years old, call Choice HVAC in Cary, NC and ask us about replacing your heat pump.

6. Can I Repair My Heat Pump Myself?

While there are many home projects that are good candidates for DIY, repairing a heat pump on your own just isn't one of them. Your heat pump is set to an electrical circuit of 240 volts. Unless you absolutely know what you're doing, tampering with your heat pump can lead to shock or electrocution. Choice HVAC technicians are trained to deal with this level of electricity safely, so give us a call if your heat pump needs repair in Cary, NC.

If you have any questions or need help servicing your heat pump, call Choice HVAC in Cary, NC. 


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