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The Number One Reason Your House is So HOT! Cary HVAC

It's July, and it sure feels like it! Between the humidity and lack of a good old fashion summer storm, along with the warm sun beating down all afternoon, keeping your home at a comfortable level can be a little tricky. And if your electric bill is already climbing as a result of you pushing…
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7 Common Places to Look for Air Leaks in Your Cary, NC Home

Last weekend, we had snow one day and a 70-degree temperature two days later, followed by a projected forecast of several more cool days. While we'd love to believe that winter is on the way, let's not forget - we live in North Carolina, and our weather is completely unpredictable. Don't turn off your furnace…
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Common Questions About Heat Pumps in Cary, NC – Part 2

If you're not a professional contractor or HVAC technician, and you own a heat pump, you may have questions about how it works or when to call in a professional for service. We addressed many of your common questions about heat pumps last week, but today's questions are in response to those who already own…
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6 Signs You May Need a New Furnace – Cary, NC HVAC Service

It's a little comical to think about having heating problems in the midst of an early Spring, but we all know how bipolar weather in our area can be, and when it comes to Cary, NC HVAC Service, anything can happen. While you may have turned your heat off this week and opened up a…
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