Can Your HVAC’s Air Filters Kill the Coronavirus?

We're roughly a week into "social-distancing" because of the coronavirus outbreak in North Carolina. Toilet paper is in high demand and everyone seems to be taking the necessary precautions to "flatten the curve." However, the biggest question on our minds as an HVAC company is "can your HVAC's air filters kill the coronavirus?"

As such today we’ll talk about how air purifiers can help minimize the spread of infectious diseases and whether your home HVAC system offers any protection against this pandemic.

What is Coronavirus?

We are obviously not a medical professional, the news or the Center for Disease Control. However, what we do know is that the coronavirus (which has been named COVID-19) is a very nasty and contagious respiratory virus that humans have no immunity against. While some say that it only affects those with compromised immune systems including the elderly, it's really too soon to understand what we're up against. The last thing any of us want is for someone we love to get sick (and die) if we can do something to prevent it.

As such, we are taking the CDC's recommendations seriously and are washing our hands frequently and staying home if we don't feel well. However, our business has not shut down operations as we HVAC technicians are considered an essential business.

Can your HVAC's Air Filters Kill the Coronavirus?

While your air filters typically do a good job of removing most allergens from the air, most filters are NOT going to be able to remove the coronavirus from the air!

What about an Air Purifier? 

If you regularly find yourself battling seasonal allergies, air purifiers are a wonderful investment as they do wonders to remove odors from your home and combat most allergens including mold, pollen, and pet dander.

A standard HEPA filter can catch 99% of the bad stuff floating around in your home. While a air purifier can remove many particles from the air, the coronavirus is too small to be affected. In fact, your typical HEPA filter is .3 microns and the virus itself is roughly .1 microns, so it is not going to be able to remove coronavirus from the air - at least not completely. While an air purifier might collect most of the virus, the virus won't bee completely dead until it runs its course which looks to be 9-15 days.

In the same respect, portable filters are not going to be any more helpful in capturing the coronavirus and could give someone a false sense of security, so we don't recommend that anyone rush out to buy one for this purpose.

It appears as if industrial air purifiers that can clean the air more thoroughly are available, but they also come with a steep price tag. Depending on your circumstance, you'll have to decide whether one would be worth the financial investment.

Fighting the Coronoavirus with HVAC in North Carolina

With all of this in mind, whether you’re dealing with the regular cold and flu season, seasonal allergies, or renovations, we believe that improving indoor air quality is a good idea. Before you purchase one, be sure to consider the size of your home and whether or not you have pets.

Give Choice HVAC a call if you want to discuss more ways to protect your home and your family from the coronavirus.

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