Best Alternative Emergency Heating Options

Heat pump installed in Wake Forest NCIf you find yourself waking up to a cold house some morning this winter, chances are you'll be looking for ways to warm up while you wait for your furnace repair. After you add a few layers and pull up a blanket and a cup of hot coffee, here are a few alternatives to consider if it looks like you're going to be without heat for a few days. Do you need to get a new heat pump installed in Wake Forest NC? Choice HVAC can help you. Call today for a free quote.

Mr. Heater Vent Free Radiant Propane Heater
Controlled via thermostat, these vent free indoor safe heaters are able to be secured to the wall or the floor making them sturdy and dependable. Available in multiple sizes, these radiant heaters can warm rooms ranging from 250 to 750 square feet. Batteries are required for the electronic ignition so be sure to have some on hand.

Buddy Heaters
The nice thing about the Buddy Heater line of products is that there is a Buddy Heater in just about every size. These portable propane heaters are safe to use indoors and are easy to operate. Capable of heating rooms ranging in size from a small bathroom to up to 450 square feet, these heaters are perfect for camping and home emergencies.

Dometic ORIGO Heat Pal 5100
Highly portable and lightweight, the Heat Pal will provide about 5 hours of heat on the highest setting. Powered by denatured alcohol, this unit is safe to use indoors and will put out about 5,200 BTUs of heat. While it is safe to use this heater indoors, be sure to always provide adequate ventilation. Using an alcohol burning heater also has the added benefit of the indefinite shelf life of the denatured alcohol. Buying a Heat Pal and having it just in case is a smart choice for homeowners.

Wood Burning Stove or Fireplace
If you are lucky enough to have a wood burning stove or fireplace in your home when your furnace goes out using it to heat your house is a great alternative. Though it requires significant tending and you need to have an adequate supply of wood on hand to make it a viable option for a more extended period of time, heating your home this way temporarily will provide a warm and toasty comfort. Ensure that you have your chimney cleaned regularly to prevent buildup that can cause chimney fires.

Passive Solar Heating
If all else fails, turn to the sun for warmth in your home. When combined with the thermal mass of your home, the natural heat of the sun can raise the temperature of your home and help keep the temperature from dropping too quickly. Be sure to place rolled up towels and blankets across the gaps under doors to keep cold air out and warm air in. Close blinds and curtains when it gets dark or if the day is cloudy to preserve the warmth inside your home.

New Heat Pump Installed in Wake Forest NC

Don't get caught in the cold this winter. Call Choice Heating and Air Conditioning today and schedule your furnace cleaning and checkup. Our experienced HVAC technicians can help identify small problems before they become significant issues or emergency service calls. Make your appointment now!

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