Benefits of a Spring AC Tuneup

ac repair Wake Forest NCYou may not be ready to think about those long, hot summer days yet but they will be here before you know it. Now is the perfect time to have your air conditioning system serviced by one of our experienced HVAC technicians. Did you know that air conditioning manufacturers recommend having your system cleaned and inspected every year? Before the summer rush begins, now is the best time to schedule your AC tuneup. Many homeowners want to know why it is important to have their air conditioning unit cleaned and inspected. There are several benefits to having this service performed before the warm weather hits. If you need AC repair Wake Forest NC, please call Choice HVAC today for a free estimate.

Lower Energy Costs
If your air conditioning unit wasn't working perfectly at the end of last season, a cleaning and inspection can help identify the reason why. Small problems in your unit can end up costing you big on your energy bills. Don't ignore the problem, have an HVAC professional from Choice Heating and Air Conditioning check it out. Catching a small problem before it becomes a larger issue can save you from a more expensive repair, a costly emergency service repair, or gradually increasing energy bills.

Upgrade at a Lower Cost
If your air conditioning unit needs to be replaced now is the best time to do it. Once the summer starts the demand for new units and the people who put them in soars. As demand increases so will the prices. Many HVAC companies have released their 2020 units and are phasing out the 2019 systems, which means you can get a great quality unit at an even better price. Don't forget to ask your technician about special tax incentives and rebates that can help make purchasing a new unit even more affordable.

Protect Your Investment
Did you know that many manufacturers require you to have a heating and cooling professional clean and inspect your unit each year in order to keep your warranty intact? Paying for an annual inspection on your air conditioning unit and finding a time to be available for the service call may seem like a hassle but the reality is that if something goes wrong with your unit, having the documentation for these service appointments can help save you big money.

Best 2019 AC Repair Wake Forest NC

With Choice Heating and Air Conditioning, you will know exactly what you will pay for service, parts, and repairs. There are no surprises when you do business with us. We believe in delivering exceptional service with upfront and honest pricing.

Don't wait to book your appointment for a spring AC tuneup. Call Choice Heating and Air Conditioning today! Ask about our planned maintenance agreements which include two annual maintenance checks on your HVAC system, discounted pricing on parts and labor, and preferred service call status. Help keep your home maintenance costs under control and give yourself peace of mind with one of our agreements.

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