Back-to-School Checklist for Your HVAC System in North Carolina

Now that the kids are finally back in school after the longest break ever, and your house is empty again, what does that mean for your HVAC system? If it's been awhile since the entire family has been out of the house, we got you. Today we'll discuss 5 things to do with regard to your HVAC System now that the kids are back-to-school.

Top 5 Things to Include in Your Back-to-School Checklist for Your HVAC

During the pandemic, most of us increased the amount of time we spent at home and indoors. As such, our HVAC system got a lot more use. Even during a normal year, your HVAC system tends to get more use during the summer months when the kids are home from school. But, with school returning back to normal hours and many employees going back into the office, now is a great time to change a few things and save a little money on your utility bills in the process. Here's 5 things to include in your back-to-school checklist for your HVAC system.

1. Establish a new thermostat schedule

If you've got an empty house by day, now is a great time to set up a new thermostat schedule. There's no need to cool (or heat) an empty house, and with programmable thermostats available, it's incredibly easy to set up a schedule that will automatically bump up the temperature a few degrees during the day. We typically suggest that you set the thermostat up by 2 or 3 degrees while no one is home, then have it start to cool off about 30 minutes to an hour before anyone is set to return. This simple adjustment is an easy way to save money on your utility bill.

2. Replace your air filters

Air filters need to be replaced every 1-3 months to ensure your HVAC system's efficiency. The best way to remember to change your filters is to change them at the start of every season, and with fall just around the corner, now is a great time to add this item to your back-to-school checklist for your HVAC system. You might even pre-order your filters online and establish a "subscribe & save" schedule such that they arrive at the start of each season.

3. Clean up around your outdoor unit

While the kids are away might be a good opportunity to clean up the yard as well as the area around your outdoor unit. This time of year is infamous for rain (although we haven't had as much lately as we should), and there's a high probability that the area around your outdoor unit has gotten a bit overgrown during the summer. Before the leaves start falling, you may want to take some time to make sure that there is nothing in your HVAC unit's way that could prevent it from running efficiently.

4. Clean your coils

In addition to cleaning up around your outdoor unit, you can also use this time to clean your coils. As dirt and dust build up on the evaporator and condenser coils, your HVAC system has to work harder to maintain your desired comfort levels. As such, make sure to put "clean your coils" on your back-to-school checklist for your HVAC system so that your system continues running efficiently and keeping your family comfortable.

5. Schedule a maintenance check

Finally, if you haven't already done so, now is also a great time to schedule a semi-annual maintenance check. One of our certified HVAC technicians can assess the overall health of your HVAC system and make any necessary adjustments or repairs to make sure that your system continues working for the remainder of these hot months into the winter months.

If you need help with your back-to-school checklist for your HVAC system, call Choice HVAC at 919-435-2711. Our technicians are specially trained to handle all your heating and cooling needs!

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