How to Avoid Water Damage from a Leaky A/C

Extra Air Conditioning in Wake Forest NCDid you know that your HVAC system should be cleaned and inspected twice a year? Many homeowners use their systems year round without having them cleaned or serviced. The problem with skipping this maintenance is that these routine inspections can identify small problems before they become much larger issues. For the best prices on extra air conditioning in Wake Forest NC, call Choice HVAC!

One of the most common and potentially damaging issues with your HVAC system is a clogged condensation line on your air conditioning unit. The condensation line moves the water that collects on your evaporator coil out of the drain pan and outside your home. When your coils are dirty, particles that can clog this line build up in the pan and are drained through this tube. If this line becomes clogged the water will build up in your drain pan and, in some cases, it can overflow. In many homes, the air handler is in the attic which means that if your drain pan overflows you could be looking at a huge headache.

On average your air conditioning unit produces about 20 gallons of water each day which is drained out of your home by this condensation line. Imagine 20 gallons of water being poured on your attic for a few days. That's what usually happens before a visible leak is seen below. The good news is there are ways to prevent this from happening in your home.

  • Have your system cleaned and serviced regularly. During your service, your HVAC technician from Choice Heating and Air Conditioning will clean your condenser coil to ensure that the drain line is not blocked.
  • Consider having a ceiling save switch installed. These switches are designed to sense a drain line back up and shut your air conditioning system down to prevent an overflow.
  • Routinely check your outside drain line. Depending upon the amount of humidity in your home there should be moisture present. It is best to check this line while your air conditioning unit is running.
  • Change your filters, check your line. The air filters in your home should be changed every 4 to 6 weeks depending upon the air quality in your home. While you are changing your filters, take a few moments to check your drain line and drain pan. Catching a potential problem early on can save you a headache, hassle, and money down the line.
  • Keep stored items away from your unit. Knocking the drain line loose can be easy to do when you are shuffling things around in your attic. Avoid this potential problem by keeping items away from your air handler.

Inspections, Tune Ups, And Extra Air Conditioning in Wake Forest NC

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