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3 Major Benefits to Scheduling Your Annual HVAC Tune-Up this Spring!

Home-ownership is expensive. Not only is it important to pay your mortgage and a host of other bills necessary to live, but it's also important to regularly maintain the major operating systems within your home. It's particularly important to maintain your HVAC system as it's one of the most expensive systems within a home. It's…
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4 Ways to Improve Air Circulation in Your Cary Home

Up until the last month or so, you likely took your home's air quality for granted. Most of us do. In fact, unless you live with respiratory problems, you likely don't pay attention to the overall air quality at all. But, COVID-19 changed all of that. Not only is it cold, flu and allergy season,…
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What we know about COVID-19 and HVAC Systems

Whether you’re considered an essential service and still working, working from home, freaking out, or trying to survive while "homeschooling" the kids; we think it's sufficient to assume that the novel coronavirus (aka COVID-19) has completely rocked the world as we formally knew it. Now that we're all home-bound until further notice, chances are that…
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4 Ways to Reduce Allergy Symptoms with your HVAC

We recently noticed that one of our neighbors hadn't left the house (as in walked outside at all) in what seemed like weeks. Being the good neighbors we are, we decided to send them a message to make sure everything was ok, and jokingly said, "you must be taking social distancing serious!" She responded by…
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Can Your HVAC’s Air Filters Kill the Coronavirus?

We're roughly a week into "social-distancing" because of the coronavirus outbreak in North Carolina. Toilet paper is in high demand and everyone seems to be taking the necessary precautions to "flatten the curve." However, the biggest question on our minds as an HVAC company is "can your HVAC's air filters kill the coronavirus?" As such…
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HVAC Best Practices for Preventing the CORONAVIRUS from Spreading

Unless you've been living under a rock (no judgment), chances are that you've spent the past few days glued to your television while self-distancing yourself from the rest of the Triangle due to the pandemic of 2020. As if the seasonal Flu wasn't bad enough, the coronavirus seems to have taken over our lives until…
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4 Ways to Reduce or Eliminate Allergens in Your Home

Spring is here, which means allergies are in full effect right now. Perhaps you've already experienced your fair share of congestion, sneezing, and a runny nose.  While most allergy problems can be easily managed with over-the-counter medication, wouldn't it be great if you could reduce or eliminate the allergens that cause such health problems from…
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