Are Annual Furnace Inspections Really Needed?

heat repair service in Wake Forest NCOne of the most common questions that we at Choice Heating and Air Conditioning receive from customers is whether or not they really need to have their furnace inspected annually. In short, the answer is yes. These annual maintenance checks may seem unnecessary, after all, it's not like your HVAC technician is changing the oil in your furnace or rotating its tires. So why are these inspections so important? For quality heat repair service in Wake Forest, call Choice HVAC!

They Protect Your Warranty
When you bought your furnace, the manufacturer included a warranty on the unit. In the fine print, which few homeowners ever read, it commonly states that in order for the warranty to remain intact the owner of the unit must have it professionally serviced once a year. While it may seem like a pain to call and schedule your tuneup appointment and pay the fee to have your unit cleaned and inspected, the receipts from doing so can be your get out of furnace trouble free card if something goes wrong. At Choice Heating and Air Conditioning, we offer planned maintenance agreements that help take the hassle out of maintaining your furnace. Our office calls you to schedule your tuneup appointments twice a year, and the cost of these service calls is included in your plan. The plan also includes a discounted rate for labor and parts and ensures that you receive preferred status on all of your service calls.

They Keep You and Your Family Safe
As your furnace ages rust, corrosion, and blockages can lead to leaks in your furnace. Wires can become damaged, and the blower motor can become clogged with dirt or debris. While these may not sound like significant problems, catching a leak in your furnace during a routine inspection can save you and your family from experiencing carbon monoxide poisoning. Remember that this gas is colorless, odorless, and tasteless. Each year, thousands of families become ill or even die from this dangerous gas. Frayed wires and blocked motors can short out or overheat and put your home at risk for a house fire. These annual service calls are designed to give you a thorough cleaning and inspection from top to bottom.

Before you decide to save a little money and buy the cheap HVAC tuneup deal from an HVAC company you've never used before, stop and read the details on what the HVAC contractor will actually do during your inspection. Many companies use these specials as a way to make a few dollars quickly without the homeowner's best interests at heart. Be sure that during the inspection all the systems inside your furnace will be tested, burners will be checked, fans will be cleaned and inspected, and that wiring and connections will be checked for wear and corrosion.

Best Heat Repair Service in Wake Forest

Take the worry out of your furnace inspection and call the professional team at Choice Heating and Air Conditioning. We offer the best heat repair service in Wake Forest. While you are on the phone, ask about our preventative maintenance plans and find out how a small annual fee can buy you a lot of peace of mind in 2019.

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