Things to Consider When It’s Hot Outside

Spring is right around the corner. With the end of winter finally here, now is the perfect time to start prepping your HVAC system for the hotter months ahead of us. There are a few things that you can do as homeowners to make sure your HVAC system is running properly before summer gets here. Wait until then and maintenance and repairs are more costly and you might even have to wait for days to even get on your contractor's work schedule. Spring is traditionally the best time to have everything cleaned and inspected and in this post, we'll address the top items you need to include on your HVAC checklist. To make sure you have peace of mind all summer long, call Choice Heating and Air Conditioning repair in Wake Forest NC. Making the Right Choice means you get a 3 hour service window, upfront pricing and top notch customer service guaranteed.

Pre Summer Tune-Up Checklist

Since summer is just around the corner, don’t wait until the last minute to inspect your HVAC system. Take action now so you're not left with expensive repair bills when it's too late. These quick tips and fixes will help you prepare for the hot months ahead:

    Clean the coils, fan belts and blades. Dirty coils are harder to cool and reduce the system's efficiency making it run longer.

    Check your thermostat controls. Make sure they are set correctly and are properly working.

    Remove any debris blocking the unit's airflow to maintain efficiency.

    Lubricate the moving parts.

    Check for loose hoses and connectors. Tighten if needed.

    Make sure the excess water is draining away properly to prevent costly water damage.

    Change or clean all the filters, both inside your home and outside, for the HVAC unit.

    Check the unit's air conditioner refrigerant level. Too much, or not enough refrigerant can affect the system's efficiency. This will increase your power bill and decrease the system's lifespan.

Top Rated Air Conditioning Repair In Wake Forest NC

If any of the above makes you feel uncomfortable, please call for professional air conditioning repair in Wake Forest NC. Choice Heating and Air Condition Service is the local leader for your HVAC needs providing top notch customer service, friendly attitudes, and attention to detail, all with upfront pricing. You'll love our 3 hour service window, and we also offer 24-Hour Emergency Service just in case you need us. Make the Right Choice and call us today and let one our experts help you with your air conditioning repair in Wake Forest NC, and the surrounding areas.

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