Is Your AC Releasing Sweet or Chemical Smells?

Wake Forest air conditioning serviceDid you know that the smells that come from your home's air conditioning could be trying to tell you something? Many homeowners call our office each week to complain about smells that their HVAC system is emitting. While some of these smells are harmless, others may indicate that you have a serious problem happening inside your air conditioner. Need affordable Wake Forest air conditioning service? Call Choice today!

As a general rule of thumb, your air conditioner should operate without any noticeable smells or noises. However, if you notice a particularly strong smell, you may need to call Choice Heating and Air Conditioning to determine if your problem needs attention.

Carbon or Gunpowder Smell
If you smell gunpowder smoke, your air conditioning unit could be experiencing an electrical issue or failure. Electrical problems put your unit at a greater risk of failure, so turn the unit off right away if you notice this smell and call for service. Electrical issues also have the potential to cause a fire, so this is one smell you don't want to ignore.

Skunk, Vomit, Fish, or Sewage
When these smells come from your air conditioner, it most likely indicates that you have a gas leak in your HVAC system. This is a serious HVAC emergency. Do not leave people or pets in the home and call for service immediately. Many gas systems have an additive that is put into the line to help people detect leaks. Methyl mercaptan is a chemical that has a sulfur component and is easily recognized as an unpleasant odor. Smelling this smell is cause for immediate concern.

Wet Wool or Wet Dog
Does your air conditioner smell like wet dog or damp wool when it comes on? The cause could be fungus or mold on your system's evaporator coil. While this is more common during the most humid times of the year, it can occur if your system has a leak that is letting moisture into areas where it isn't supposed to be in your system.

Maple Syrup
That smell could mean big problems for your air conditioning unit. Most coolants that are used in HVAC systems smell sweet when they leak. Whether the leak is coming from your air conditioner's coils or somewhere else in the system, this is another smell that you should have tracked down by an HVAC professional.

Affordable Wake Forest Air Conditioning Service

Got a smell we missed? Call the professionals at Choice Heating and Air Conditioning. With our upfront pricing guarantee, our team will tell you how much your Wake Forest air conditioning service or repair will cost before work begins. There will be no surprises or hidden fees at the end of your job either. We believe in offering high-quality maintenance and services at an honest and fair price.

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