Before Calling an AC Repairman, Check These Things

Wake Forest AC repair The summer heat is here, and if your air conditioner suddenly stops working or starts making a funny noise, you may automatically reach for the phone to call for a repair visit. Emergency service calls can be expensive and having to wait for service during this high demand season can leave you feeling even hotter under the collar. Before you call and schedule a repair appointment, check these things. Do you need Wake Forest AC repair? Call Choice HVAC today.

Leaking AC Unit
Most commonly, a blocked drain pipe is the cause of this issue. With a little handy work, you can clear the line of any debris that you can see. Mildew, algae, dust, and dead insects are often the cause of a blocked line. Using a shop vac and some peroxide or distilled vinegar will often have the lines outside your home cleared in no time. Many homeowners then find that the drip pan under their unit has rusted. Changing the drain pan yourself is also a quick and easy task.

Your AC Won't Turn On
Circut breakers can become overloaded, especially if your AC unit and other appliances turn on at the same time. Check your breakers to see if one has turned off as a result of the demand in your home. If they are on, you'll need a multimeter to confirm that your fuse box is working. Be sure to turn off the power supply before you test your fuse box.

The AC Isn't Cooling
There could be several reasons why your unit isn't cooling. Many homeowners forget to change their air filters regularly. As a result, the flow of air into your unit is restricted. Your unit will run and move lukewarm air through your home, and you'll end up with high energy bills and a less than comfortable house. Changing your filter can help improve the airflow in your home and may help your system cool more efficiently.

Another reason that your AC unit may not be cooling correctly is that the coils in your unit are frozen. If the coils in your AC are dirty, water droplets from the condensing heat will collect on the dirt and form a layer of frost. Over time this will become ice and your home will stay warm.

If you are unable to identify the problem with your AC unit yourself or  cleaning the lines or replacing the air filter hasn't improved the situation, you may need to call for service from a licensed and insured HVAC contractor like Choice Heating and Air Conditioning. Our upfront pricing model ensures that you know what you'll pay for your repairs before work begins.

Affordable Wake Forest AC Repair

Summertime is hard on your AC system. Call today and schedule an inspection and cleaning or Wake Forest AC repair. Identifying small problems with your system before they become significant issues can save you time, money and give you peace of mind. Don't wait until you have an AC unit that doesn't work, make your appointment today!

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