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It's a little comical to think about having heating problems in the midst of an early Spring, but we all know how bipolar weather in our area can be, and when it comes to Cary, NC HVAC Service, anything can happen.

While you may have turned your heat off this week and opened up a few windows, there's always a chance that you'll be cranking up your thermostat again next week. But, what if when you turn it back on, there's no heat? Maybe it needs a couple of hours to warm back up, but what if you've been running it all day long and your home is still cold? Even worse - what if it stays cold outside, you've got your heat on and the temperature never adjusts. And that goes on for days....weeks and you finally take a look at your utility bill and you're forced to pay a bill for service that you never got to enjoy.

No one wants to pay for a service they aren't receiving, and yet people all over the triangle are doing just that. HVAC Service in Cary, NC can be complicated. It's not always easy to know what your system needs from one minute to the next, but it's important to know all of the potential warning signs that you may need a new furnace if that's what you're up against, as a homeowner. Today we'll discuss 6 signs you may need a new furnace in Cary, NC.

Your furnace is constantly running 

An efficient, healthy HVAC system should not be constantly running. If you hear it running all day and not, you've got a problem and should call Choice HVAC in Cary, NC for HVAC service. Your furnace should heat your home to the desired temperature and then turn off until your home needs additional heat.

Your furnace turns on and off frequently

If you find that your furnace is turning on and off frequently, or repeatedly, this typically indicates that your furnace can’t register the desired temperature set by your thermostat. If your furnace can't register the temperature, it obviously can't heat your home properly.

Your home never gets warm, no matter how high you set your thermostat

If your thermostat says that it's 80 degrees (or any warm temperature you've set) and you’re all bundled up, you're either sick and need to see the doctor or you might need a new furnace.

 You are constantly calling Choice HVAC in Cary, NC for Service

While we always love hearing from our customers, if we've just repaired your furnace and you're still experiencing issues, it could be that your system is too old and worn out to work the way it should be.

Your furnace is over 10 years old

We typically tell our customers to expect their furnace to last between 10 and 12 years. If you've made it that long, it's safe to say that you may need a new furnace soon. In fact, as you start approaching the 10-year mark, you should probably start saving your pennies.

Your energy bill is higher than usual

If you suspect that your energy bill is a bit high, try to find your bill from this time last year. How much was it? Is this year's bill higher? Has it really been that much colder than last year? And does that number keep going up? If so, not only do you need a new furnace, but it's probably time to upgrade to a more energy-efficient system.

Cary, NC HVAC Service - Steps to try on your own

If you can't get to the root of the problem, it's probably best to call a professional and have your system checked out. However, if you want to try a few things on your own first, here are a few simple HVAC troubleshooting tips worth trying:

1. Replace your air filters

If you can’t remember the last time you replaced the air filters in your home, then there’s a good chance that a dirty filter is contributing to your problem. We recommend replacing your filters every 30 to 60 days depending on your home. If you live near a construction zone (for example, a new house is being built next door), or you've got pets, you may want to replace your air filters more often.

2. Search for air leaks

Check your windows and doors for any air leaks. If you find any, be sure to seal them as this is an indicator that your home is not properly sealed and warm air is escaping (you'll equally want your windows and doors sealed when it's 100 degrees outside). You might also consider upgrading to energy-efficient windows.

3. Clean around your HVAC unit

Another thing you can do is to clean up and around your HVAC unit as it's possible that you’re experiencing issues because your exterior HVAC unit is being blocked by debris. If that doesn't help, you at least know you did everything you could to rule that out as the problem.

4. Schedule HVAC Service in Cary, NC

If all else fails, the best way to know whether or not you need a new furnace is to have one of our HVAC experts come out and perform a full diagnosis of your system. Once we know what we're working with, we can provide you with the best options to fit your needs and budget.

Whether you need service or a new furnace, call our professional HVAC specialists at CHOICE Heating & Air Conditioning today. We can help you to manage your energy bills and indoor comfort. Call us today!

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