6 Common HVAC Repairs in August

During the summer months, especially in the south, your HVAC runs nonstop. And while most HVAC systems are designed to take "a beaten," that doesn't mean that they won't also require maintenance or repairs at the end of a long summer. With that in mind, today we'll discuss 6 common HVAC repairs we commonly see in August and September.

Common HVAC Repairs: Low Refrigerant

Every 2-3 years, you may find that your HVAC system is "working" but doesn't seem to be properly cooling your home. You may hear gurgling sounds or see ice developing on the evaporator coils - all an indication that your HVAC has low levels of refrigerant. Luckily, low refrigerant is a relatively easy problem to solve, but it's a little more complicated than pouring in more refrigerant.

If you suspect that your system needs more refrigerant, give us a call. One of our certified technicians will perform a routine maintenance check to make sure that there are no other issues, as well as add new refrigerant.

Common HVAC Repairs: Fan Motor

If your air conditioner has been running the way ours has, then it's quite possible that by the end of the summer, it will require a little TLC. Typically, the fan motor is the first thing to go if you have any trouble with your HVAC. When this happens, you'll know it as nothing seems to be blowing through your home. You should also notice a noise - as if the fan motor belt is on the fritz (which it is). Even if you don't have any issues, late summer is a great time to have your system checked for any potential issues.

Common HVAC Repairs: Thermostat

On the hottest of days, many of us spend too much time checking in with our thermostat to see if it's "doing its job." And while your thermostat is your home's temperature control box, it's not always the source of the problem. However, we often find that if there are multiple people adjusting the thermostat over the course of a day or week, the thermostat may require recalibration. Again, it's an easy fix, but if you feel like your air conditioner isn't working properly, the thermostat may be the source of the problem.

Common HVAC Repairs: Air Filters

If you follow our advice, you know that you should replace your air filters at the start of every season. As such, you probably changed your air filters in late May/early June. By the end of August/early September, those air filters need to be changed!

This  particular repair is usually the first thing we think of (much like a computer repair guy that asks if you've restarted your computer when you call for technical support) since it's such a common problem and usually the reason why you're not getting great air flow in your home, but it may not be on your radar. Dirty air filters typically create dirty ducts which can cause problems for your HVAC system year round. When that dirt builds up in your unit, you increase the probability of frozen evaporator coils, higher energy bills and unnecessary strain to your HVAC system.

With that said, it may be time to change your air filters.

Common HVAC Repairs: Insufficient Shade

While we don't recommend that you cover your HVAC unit, we do find that it's important to make sure that your AC unit is well shaded so that it can easily cool the air being pumped inside your home. As the temperatures start to cool down, you may want to consider planting some additional trees or bushes in time for them to fill out before next summer.

Or...it's Time for a NEW System

Alternatively, it's quite possible that come August or September, your HVAC system has met it's maker and needs to be replaced. We sometimes encounter emergency replacements during the summer months, but right now is also a great time to plan for a future replacement (you know, when it's not a million degrees outside). If you're not sure whether or not you should be considering an upgrade/replacement, think about how old your home is and how old your system is. If your HVAC system is more than 10 years old and you're finding that you're doing major repairs, it may be time to consider a new system.

Call Choice HVAC for All Your Summer HVAC Home Maintenance Needs

A little bit of preventative summer HVAC maintenance can go a long way, and is usually the best way to catch small problems before they turn into disasters. As such, if you're experiencing any problems with your HVAC system this summer, don't hesitate to call Choice HVAC  a call at 919-435-2711. 

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