5 Ways to Eliminate Hot and Cold Spots in Your Home

A properly set up HVAC system will provide comfort to your whole home or business simultaneously. At least that's the goal, right? You should be able to walk from room to room, without feeling warmer in one room than another. Delivering the right amount of air to each room in your house at the same time is key to being comfortable this fall and winter.  And, we've got some tips on how to eliminate hot and cold spots in your home.

eliminate hot and cold spots

What Causes Hot and Cold Spots?

Before you can fully eliminate hot and cold spots, you should understand what causes them to occur.

1. Home Structure

The way your home is built has a huge impact on hot and cold spots in your home, including the number of windows, the amount and quality of insulation, the amount of sun your house gets, and your home's floor plan.

For example, a room that may be exposed to a lot of sun from windows, but has a thermostat in a room that is typically shaded will get overly warm on sunny winter days.  Alternatively, a room that may not have strong air circulation will feel chillier.

2. Ductwork Installation

In addition to your windows and insulation, the way your ductwork has been installed will also impact temperature inconsistencies.

When properly designed and installed, air will spread equally to all rooms in your home.  Improperly designed or installed, and you’ll find that some rooms get much less heat than others.

Ways to Eliminate Hot and Cold Spots

So how can you eliminate hot and cold spots in your home?

1. Make Sure All Vents Are Open (and not blocked)

Oftentimes, a room will experience cold spots simply because a vent is being blocked by a piece of furniture causing that piece of furniture to absorb all the heat. If this is the case, it's an easy fix. Simply move that piece of furniture away from the vent so that the warm air has a clear path to the rest of the room.

2. Find the Draft

Check your windows and doorways for any broken seals. Also, look for any other areas in your home where a draft could occur that is working against your furnace. If you can find a draft, this can easily fix the problem as well.

3. Consider the Insulation in Your Home

While never seen, your insulation plays a critical role in retaining heat, especially during winter months. If you suspect that your insulation is falling short (or perhaps non-existent, which can happen in older homes),  hire a professional to evaluate your home. A professional will know what to look for and advise you on the next steps if there are any problems.

4. Upgrade to Multi-Zone Heating (and better thermostats)

One of the quickest ways to eliminate hot and cold spots in your home is to upgrade to multi-zone heating with better thermostats.

Multi-zone heating uses multiple thermostats in your home that control dampers in your air ducts. This allows you to adjust temperatures for different floors or rooms at different times. This easy and quick upgrade will not only help warm up cold spots, but you’ll end up saving money on your heating bill.

5. Clean Ducts and Maintain Your Furnace

As we learned earlier, even though your ductwork and furniture aren't the direct cause of hot and cold spots in your home, the way your ductwork is installed can impact temperature inconsistencies. Furthermore, your ducts and furnace could be making things worse if they aren’t operating properly.

Duct cleaning is not something you need to do regularly (we recommend that you clean your ducts every 3-5 years), however, if you’ve recently renovated, live in a home with pets, and/or have never had it done, it may be worth giving a professional a call. There could be dust and debris buildup affecting air circulation, leading to hot and cold spots within your home.

On a similar note, a furnace tune up isn't a bad idea either. Not only will regular maintenance ensure that your furnace is heating your home properly, but it will give you peace of mind that it will do its job this winter. The last thing you want is to have your furnace break down at 6 AM in freezing temperatures.

Quality Wake Forest Air Conditioning Service And Repair

One of the best ways to care for your HVAC system and ensure that it will function appropriately as the weather cools down is to have your system cleaned and inspected. At Choice Heating and Air Conditioning, we offer planned maintenance agreements for residential customers. Homeowners can enjoy having their HVAC unit cleaned and inspected twice a year, preferred service call status, and discounted parts and repair services. These preventative maintenance calls help technicians identify small repairs that need to be made to your unit before they become expensive emergency service calls. Haven't had your unit cleaned and serviced in the last six months? Then it's time to schedule your appointment for a fall service call with Choice.

Choice Heating and Air Conditioning has been the area's top choice for both residential and commercial HVAC service and systems for years. Our experienced staff has the skills and product knowledge you need to help you get quality repairs or to select the right unit for your home or business. If your unit barely made it through last winter, beat the cold weather rush and call us for the best Wake Forest air conditioning service!

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