4 Lazy Behaviors Every Cary HVAC Customer Should Quit Immediately!

While many of us would like to believe that we've made a few improvements to our home since the pandemic began (because most of us have been stuck in our homes for months), the reality is that we've all gotten a little lazy. What once was an opportunity to finally deep clean the house or tackle that renovation project you've been wanting to complete for years has turned into a whole lot of couch-potatoness.

That laziness has not only added a few unwanted pounds but has extended to how we treat our homes. Granted, nothing we've done has been all that devastating, but when you invest thousands of dollars into anything, you should take care of it. Right? For example, your Cary HVAC system is one of the most expensive operational systems in your home. If we want it to last as long as it's capable of, we need to take care of it. But how well have you taken care of your Cary HVC equipment these past few months? Today we'll discuss four lazy behaviors (or bad habits) with regard to your HVAC that you should quit immediately.

1. Stop playing with your thermostat

It's been a hot summer. That is for sure. And when you get hot, you'll do just about anything to cool off, so you come inside and adjust the thermostat just enough to turn the furnace on. There's nothing wrong with that, right?

Actually, did you know that that one "lazy behavior" can add unnecessary stress to your Cary HVAC system? You HVAC unit is designed to provide consistent air to a space. By trying to force the process is like starting your car up over and over again or better yet, your child going back and forth on their toy car on repeat until the motor wears out. It's not good for real cars. It's not good for toy cars and it's not good for your HVAC so quit it!

The best way to optimize efficiency (and not burn out your system) is to set the temperature and leave it. You can program it in for specific changes based on the needs of your family. If you get hot, turn on a fan.

2. Maximize your Cary HVAC and stop closing your vents and registers

We find that many people will close vents or registers in rooms that are not being used thinking that they are conserving energy and saving money (who wants to pay to heat or cool a space that isn't being used, right?). However, that's not exactly how your Cary HVAC works.

During installation, the ductwork in your home was designed to maximize airflow delivered to every room of your home. If that airflow is blocked by closing "unused" vents and registered, the system kinda freaks out because it doesn't know what to do with the excess air. One might think that it redirects that air to the spaces that are being used; however, it often just causes inefficiencies.

More often than not, when you close vents and registers, it causes the joints in the system to break down faster and often causes air leaks. Rather than maximizing the airflow to your home, you may actually experience less comfort.

We should add that it goes beyond manually closing your vents and registers. A similarly related bad habit is placing furniture or heavy drapery on top or in front of your vents and registers. Blocking airflow in whatever capacity is a bad idea.

3. Stop cluttering your Cary HVAC with landscaping 

Landscaping around your HVAC unit isn't necessarily lazy, but it is a bad habit that should be discussed. While the intentions of beautifying your home are commendable, one of the most common reasons for your air conditioner to stop working is that landscaping or debris from nearby landscaping efforts becomes lodged in the coiling.

As such, be sure to regularly check the area around your outdoor HVAC unit to make sure that any bushes, trees, leaves, twigs, branches, etc are removed, and that your air conditioner has sufficient space to do its job.

4. START Maintaining your Cary HVAC System

One of the laziest behaviors we see is a lack of maintaining your Cary HVAC on a regular basis because you think it's an unnecessary expense. Why pay for something if it's working, right? WRONG.

We get it. Times have been harder than usual this past year, but to neglect ongoing maintenance of such an expensive operating system in your home will cost you a lot more if something major happens.

We find that scheduling routine maintenance checks can identify problems in the earliest stage such that a technician can make easy adjustments rather than replacing parts.

Call Choice HVAC at 919-435-2711 during the spring and fall to give your equipment a thorough check. In fact, now is a great time to put us on your schedule. Start this fall off on the right foot and you won’t have equipment failure on the hottest or coldest days of the year.

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