4 Benefits of Installing Forced Air Heating System in Your NC Home

It's been quite COLD the past few days so if you're like us, you either turned up the heat or put your fireplace to work.  Most homes in our area have some sort of heating system installed to keep warm air circulating on cold days. We've seen everything from wood and coal furnaces to geothermal pumps, but the most common system we see is a Forced Air Heating System. Today we'll discuss the benefits of installing a forced-air heating system and why you should consider using forced-air heating for your home.

What is a Forced Air Heating System?

A forced-air heating system is a type of HVAC system that pulls cold air in from the outside and converts it into warm air by channeling it into the furnace through the system's ductwork, then conditioning it to a particular temperature before redistributing it throughout your home. With a forced-air heating system, vents that are mounted to either your floors or ceilings distribute the heat. If you don't want a particular space heated, you can shut the vents in that particular area.

Forced-air heating systems are available in a variety of sizes and variations. They are also quite affordable, incredibly durable, and easy to install. One of the main things our customers like is that you can use the same ducts as your cooling system, which ultimately requires less space and reduces the cost of installation.

4 Benefits of Using a Forced-Air Heating System

1. Forced-Air Heating Systems are Easy to Install

If you're in the middle of building your home, it doesn't really matter what type of system you install because your home is still being constructed. However, if you have an existing home, you likely don't want to rip down your walls or tear up your floors in order to install a new HVAC system if you don't have to. A forced-air heating system ties into your existing system and ductwork. The additional pieces of equipment required to install a forced-air heating system (blower, heat exchanger, air plenum, fan switch, etc) are easy add-ons that won't conflict with your current system.

2. Forced-Air Heating Systems are Very Affordable

Forced-air systems are one of the more cost-effective and affordable systems you can choose with regard to indoor heating solutions. With a variety of sizes and options available, there's a forced-air heating system to fit nearly every budget.

3. Forced-Air Heating Systems Can Heat a Space Speedy Fast

Unlike most central HVAC systems in which it can take some time for a room to warm-up, forced-air heating systems distribute heat throughout your home quite fast. The amount of time required to pull in cool air, warm it up to your desired temperature, and spread it out throughout your home is relatively fast by comparison.

4. Forced-Air Heating Systems are Versatile and Reliable

Forced-air heating systems can be powered by electricity or natural gas, although most systems are gas-powered.

3 Consequences of Using a Forced-Air Heating System

Unfortunately, using a forced-air heating system isn't all "rainbows and sunshine," so it's worth discussing the downside of installing a forced-air heating system.

1. Forced-Air Heating Systems can be LOUD!

Forced-air heating systems have a reputation for being noisy, and while there's a lot you can do to mitigate the amount of noise coming from your system, a forced-air system will always produce some level of noise. We've found that the older a system is, the noisier it can be, so if you find that your system has become unbearably loud, it may be time to think about updating your system.

2. Forced-Air Heating Systems have NO Centralized Control

Unlike central HVAC systems, the only way to control the amount of heat coming into a room with a forced-air heating system is to open or control the vents in that room. With a forced-air system, you control the temperature using a singular thermostat so individual rooms can't necessarily adjust the temperature in their room. They can only adjust the output.

3. There are some Possible Health Risks with a Forced-Air Heating System

It's worth noting that a forced-air heating system can contribute to the circulation of dust and other particles throughout your home, which can pose some health risks if you have respiratory problems, asthma, or allergies. We've found that the alternating warm and cold conditions in a forced-air heating system may increase the growth of resistant mold varieties in your ductwork. When you inhale these particles (through your nostrils or ingestion), it can result in illnesses such as mold-induced asthma and bronchitis. If you find that you're consistently having asthma flare-ups or an annual case of bronchitis, it may be worth having your vents regularly cleaned (we recommend every 6 months).

All of that said, a forced-air heating system is a great investment for almost any home. If you'd like to know more, we'd be happy to talk to you. Give Choice HVAC a call at 919-435-2711. 

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