3 Ways to Make Sure Your Cary HVAC Won’t Fail

School may be starting in a few weeks. Halloween decorations may be hitting the shelves and your kids may be actively building their Christmas wish lists, but summer is hardly over. In fact, some might even say that the North Carolina heat doesn't leave the station until well into November! As such, the last thing you need during hurricane season is for your air conditioner to give out. Since your Cary HVAC is one of the hardest working appliances in your home, today we'll discuss 3 ways to make sure it won't fail you at the end of the season.


If you've been following our advice, you likely scheduled a maintenance check at the beginning of the season to make sure that your Cary HVAC was running its best. If you didn't perform a maintenance check in May, and you have any doubt in your system, now is still a good time to have your system looked over to give you peace of mind before the next hurricane sweeps through our area.

It's been incredibly hot this summer, so there's no doubt that your air conditioner has been working hard to keep you comfortable the past few months. Even systems that passed the test a few months ago may be tired and in need of inspection. However, there are also a few things you can do before calling in the professionals to keep your Cary HVAC from failing at the end of the season.

1. Keep the Area by Your Cary HVAC Clear

If your family is anything like our family, we spend a lot of evening hours outside during the summer (even more if it's a "cooler" or overcast day). Whether you're gardening, mowing the grass, or just enjoying a ice cold beverage while the kids run around in the back yard - if you're outside, be sure to visually inspect your HVAC unit to make sure that vegetation or other debris hasn't accumulated around the condenser.

These visibility sweeps are particularly important following a big storm. While your air conditioner may not be the most beautiful appliance and it can be tempting to disguise it with your landscaping, it's important to keep any plants away as the condenser coils as they transfer heat, and any disruption can cause your air conditioner to fail when you need it most.

2. Regularly Clean Vents and Registers

The vents and registers that distribute airflow into your home via the ventilation system of your Cary HVAC can become dirty (even clog) when they are heavily used. As such, be sure to vacuum and remove dust, dander, pet hair, or the like on a regular basis.

We also recommend that you don't hang drapery or place furniture in front of or on top of your vents as doing so will cause your air conditioner to work harder than it should to push cool air into your home.

3. Test Your Thermostats

If your air conditioner isn't performing the way it should, you can test your thermostats. The thermostat controls how your air conditioner operates. Therefore, if your thermostat isn't sending the right signal to your Cary HVAC unit, your air conditioner may not turn on and off when it's supposed to.

Before you give us a call, test your thermostat by adjusting the temperature 2 degrees cooler than the temperature of the room. You should immediately be able to tell if your air conditioner is running. If it doesn't turn on within 5 minutes, it may be time to upgrade to a programmable or smart thermostat.

Call Choice HVAC

If you've tried the approaches above and still suspect that there's a problem with your Cary HVAC, call Choice HVAC at 919-435-2711 to schedule your maintenance visit before you have a more serious problem. These system checks are intended to keep your system in good working condition, but they're also a great time to stay ahead of the problem. Don't delay!

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