3 Major Benefits to Scheduling Your Annual HVAC Tune-Up this Spring!

Home-ownership is expensive. Not only is it important to pay your mortgage and a host of other bills necessary to live, but it's also important to regularly maintain the major operating systems within your home.

It's particularly important to maintain your HVAC system as it's one of the most expensive systems within a home. It's not only one of the largest home investments, but it also has the most impact on your comfort and health. Unfortunately, so many homeowners take the approach of "if it's not broke, why fix it?" mentality and wait for a problem to present itself before having their HVAC serviced.

We totally get it, now more than ever. Service calls aren't free and given the pandemic, everyone is having to tighten up their budgets. However, summer is just around the corner. Waiting until something breaks could mean being incredibly uncomfortable on the hottest days of the year while under quarantine! A simple HVAC tune-up can easily avoid this problem entirely. As such, today we'll discuss three major benefits to scheduling your annual HVAC tune-up for your Cary Home this Spring.

1. Save Money! 

Much like your refrigerator or washing machine, your HVAC system is used all the time. And while you'd expect your air conditioner and furnace to last for many years to come, the lifespan is contingent on how well you maintain your HVAC. Even under the best of circumstances, your HVAC system will eventually start to wear down and require more repairs to keep it functioning. However, when you simply let it run for years at a time without properly caring for its upkeep, you may find that your system stops working long before it should.

Little problems that could have been addressed during an annual tune-up, but are ignored will add up over time. In the whole scheme of things, minor repairs and an annual tune-up are inexpensive; but when these small jobs are left unattended, they can escalate to become much more serious and much more expensive.

As such, scheduling an annual HVAC tune-up (even now when money is tight) will save you money long term.

2. Less Stress

When stay-at-home orders have finally lifted and we're all allowed to socialize again, we imagine that there will be much to celebrate. Families all over Cary are sure to have large family get-togethers; celebrating birthdays, weddings and anniversaries that have passed and enjoying being in the same room together after months apart.

If you're the one hosting that gathering, you want to make sure that your HVAC is properly functioning. The last thing anyone needs is their HVAC unit to go out the night before a big event. No one needs that stress in their lives, but especially after months of social-distancing.

Better to go ahead and schedule your annual HVAC tune-up now that when this whole thing is behind us, you can enjoy visiting with family and friends without the added stress of a hot home.

3. Stay Comfortable

Our weather during these stay-at-home orders has been relatively mild. In fact, it's been so mild that you likely haven't needed to run your air conditioning or heat. Just open up a few windows and enjoy the breeze that flows in from outside. However, we all know how quickly North Carolina weather can turn on us. Before you know it, we'll be complaining about how hot it is outside and turning the AC on full blast.

Just because you aren't using your HVAC to it's fullest potential now doesn't mean that you won't need it within a week or two. The best time to schedule your annual HVAC tune-up is BEFORE you need it. Best to know that your system is properly working now so that you can ensure your entire family stays comfortable for the duration of quarantine, into our hottest months.

Call Choice HVAC in Cary to schedule your annual tune-up today and find out how your HVAC system can give you the temperature control you're looking for.

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