Monthly Archives: November 2020

COVID-19? 4 Reasons that Your HVAC is Making You Sick

Is your HVAC making you sick? It's the end of November, which means that winter is just around the corner. As such, all the time we've been enjoying outside these past few months will end as we start spending more of our time indoors to keep warm. Yes, we typically have mild winters in North…
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Is Too Much Togetherness Affecting Your Indoor Air Quality?

If you're like many of our customers, you've been spending substantially more time at home over the past 8 months than you have in years past, courtesy of the coronavirus pandemic. And while COVID-19 has certainly changed the way we learn and work, it's also increased the workload on our home operating systems. Specifically, our…
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What’s included in a Professional Furnace Tune-Up in Cary, NC – Part 2

Last week we started our discussion of what's included in your annual professional furnace tune-up. We'll pick up that conversation today as we continue to walk through the steps included in your multi-point professional furnace tune-up. If you haven't already scheduled an appointment with us, be sure to give us a call. Remind me: Why…
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What’s included in a Professional Furnace Tune-Up in Cary, NC – Part 1

As temperatures start to drop, it's time to schedule your annual professional furnace tune-up. Perhaps you've already turned on your furnace this fall, but for many of our customers, the furnace hasn't been touched since the Spring. With that in mind, today we'll discuss what's included in a professional tune-up in Cary, North Carolina and…
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