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3 Tips for Managing your Cary HVAC during Early Fall

If you're like us, for the past few days, you've had to wear an extra layer on these cool mornings and evenings. While September is traditionally still pretty warm in North Carolina, I don't think anyone is complaining about these 70 degree days. However, any proud North Carolinian will tell you that these temperatures are…
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5 Reasons your Air Conditioner is Ineffective: Cary HVAC

Today is absolutely beautiful. In fact, for most of us, we don't really "need" our air conditioner. On 70 something degree days, where the humidity is low, you may find yourself forgetting about our North Carolina humidity. But let's not forget that we DO live in North Carolina and that these temperatures are a tease. …
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4 Ways Your Cary HVAC Can Remove Humidity in Your Home

Your Cary HVAC's number one job is to keep you comfortable regardless of the temperature outside. It's your first line of defense against the summer heat as well as the winter cold. It's also the best tool for managing humidity levels in your home.  However, if you're sitting at home with the air conditioner on,…
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Is your Cary HVAC Too BIG?

A common question for many of our new home communities is whether or not their HVAC unit is big enough to support their home. While we sometimes run across units that aren't large enough to meet the needs of a household. An even more common problem for our customers is an OVERSIZED system. That's right,…
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Is your Cary HVAC to Blame for Bugs Inside Your Home?

One of our customers recently had a problem with bugs (they suspected baby mosquitos)  inside their home. These tiny bugs kept dying by the upstairs windows of their home as if they were trying to escape but couldn't get out. Now, you might think "why are we talking about bugs on an HVAC website?" While…
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