Monthly Archives: July 2020

3 Ways to Improve the Indoor Air Quality of your CARY HVAC

It's been four months since our Governor first shut our state down to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. While many businesses have reopened in some capacity, there are still a large number of people who are choosing to stay-in-place and limit their exposure to the outside world. As such, we've all gotten a little…
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What’s the best way to Heat and Cool Your Multi-Story Home? Cary HVAC

A common problem for many of our Cary HVAC customers is adjusting the temperature in their multi-story home such that both the upstairs and downstairs are comfortable. Typically upper stories are almost always warmer than lower ones, which isn't a problem during the winter, but can be quite unpleasant during the hot, humid, summer months.…
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The Number One Reason Your House is So HOT! Cary HVAC

It's July, and it sure feels like it! Between the humidity and lack of a good old fashion summer storm, along with the warm sun beating down all afternoon, keeping your home at a comfortable level can be a little tricky. And if your electric bill is already climbing as a result of you pushing…
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