Monthly Archives: December 2019

HVAC Resolutions for 2020

With 2020 only days away, you're likely not thinking about your HVAC system. However, while you're in the process of creating your resolutions for the new year, we thought it might be wise to put in a plug for keeping your family comfortable with respect to your HVAC system. Want to know more? Today we'll…
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4 Most Common Heater Problems

If you suddenly find yourself without heat, you may find yourself trying to troubleshoot (and even solving) the problem while you wait on Choice HVAC to arrive. So, rather than sending you out into the great google sphere alone, today we're going to discuss some of the most common heater problems you may run into…
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HVAC Issues You Don’t Want to Ignore this Winter

Our weather in North Carolina is all over the place right now, but "winter is coming." That is for sure. In addition to cooler temperatures, threats of snow and ice, and a fear that your furnace may suddenly stop working, now is a great time to talk about a little preventative home maintenance. While you…
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5 Ways to Prepare your HVAC for the Winter Holidays

The holidays are here, but what does that mean in terms of maintaining your HVAC during these winter months? We suggest taking care of a few things now so you can avoid any unexpected costs that might deplete your holiday budget. If you completely neglect your HVAC system these next few weeks, not only are…
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