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DIY Tips for Cleaning Your AC’s Condensate Drain

If the line that your air conditioning unit uses to get rid of all the moisture that it pulls from the air becomes clogged, your air conditioning unit could stop working. A clog in this line can cause the drain pan underneath your AC unit to fill water. Newer air conditioning units are equipped with…
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Signs Your Central Air Is Low on Refrigerant

Your air conditioning unit depends on refrigerant to cool your home. When your unit is not adequately charged or is low on coolant, your AC may not function at peak performance. Identifying the signs of low coolant in your AC can help you know when your system needs service and prevent you from being hot…
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Before Calling an AC Repairman, Check These Things

The summer heat is here, and if your air conditioner suddenly stops working or starts making a funny noise, you may automatically reach for the phone to call for a repair visit. Emergency service calls can be expensive and having to wait for service during this high demand season can leave you feeling even hotter…
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More Common Questions About Window Air Conditioners

We're back with more common questions about window air conditioners. In our previous post, we clued homeowners into what a BTU is and how to decide if switching to window air conditioners was a more cost-effective way to cool their entire home. These units can help save you money on your energy bill if your…
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Most Common Questions About Window Air Conditioners

Many homeowners have questions about window air conditioners and how to choose an appropriately sized unit for their home. Before you begin shopping for a window air conditioner, take into consideration how warm the air in your room gets. For a room that faces the south or the east, the temperature could be between eight…
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Troubleshooting and Repairing Window AC Units

There is nothing more frustrating than walking into a room expecting it to be cool and comfortable and finding that it is anything but. If your window AC unit isn't working correctly, there are a few common things to check before you go through the headache of purchasing and installing a new unit. Whether your…
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