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Ready to Use the Air Conditioner? Do This First

Summer is here! Before you crank on your air conditioner, you'll need to get it ready for the heavy summer workload. While many homeowners are tempted to skip this step and blast the cool air, doing so may leave you without air conditioning in summer's hottest months. Before your impatience turns into an expensive emergency…
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Central AC Struck by Lightning? Here’s What You Should Do!

Summertime in North Carolina is often punctuated by strong storms and severe weather. Power outages as a result of these storms can damage your air conditioning unit, but did you know that lightning can strike your unit and cause catastrophic damage? During an electrical storm, lightning may fry the inside of your external air conditioning…
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Here Are the Ways Lightning Damages Your Central AC

Did you know that the most common cause of damage to your air conditioner during a summer storm isn't a direct lightning strike? While it is possible for the lightning to strike the exterior unit of your air conditioner, the most common cause of damage from an intense summer storm is actually the power surge…
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How to Properly Install a Window AC Unit

If your home doesn't have central air conditioning you are probably preparing to install window air conditioners to make the summer heat more manageable. Each year, homeowners incorrectly install these helpful cooling units causing damage to their homes and their air conditioners. This damage can be avoided by taking the time to install your window…
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Common Problems Installing Window Air Conditioners

Installing window air conditioners in your windows can be a pain in the fingers, the back, and the neck. These heavy and cumbersome units can be tricky to install. However, they do offer a cost-effective way to cool your home during the sweltering days of summer. While the installation of a window air conditioner isn't…
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Is Your AC Releasing Sweet or Chemical Smells?

Did you know that the smells that come from your home's air conditioning could be trying to tell you something? Many homeowners call our office each week to complain about smells that their HVAC system is emitting. While some of these smells are harmless, others may indicate that you have a serious problem happening inside…
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