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What Are the Major HVAC Brands?

With spring right around the corner, many homeowners are thinking about replacing their old air conditioning units. The trouble is that there are so many brands available on the market to choose from! Knowing which brands get good ratings for things like price, warranty, and customer service can be confusing. Thankfully, we've taken some of…
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How to Handle a Heating Emergency During Winter

If you're waking up on a cold North Carolina morning to an icy house, you may be facing a heating emergency. While there may be nothing worse, the best thing you can do is keep your cool and know how to handle the situation. Do you need furnace service in Wake Forest? Call Choice HVAC…
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Best Alternative Emergency Heating Options

If you find yourself waking up to a cold house some morning this winter, chances are you'll be looking for ways to warm up while you wait for your furnace repair. After you add a few layers and pull up a blanket and a cup of hot coffee, here are a few alternatives to consider…
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Are Annual Furnace Inspections Really Needed?

One of the most common questions that we at Choice Heating and Air Conditioning receive from customers is whether or not they really need to have their furnace inspected annually. In short, the answer is yes. These annual maintenance checks may seem unnecessary, after all, it's not like your HVAC technician is changing the oil…
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More 2019 HVAC Trends

Welcome back to our continuing series on 2019 HVAC trends and how you can use these to save you money on your home's HVAC maintenance and service needs. In our previous post, we looked at how increased transparency, online service pricing menus, and improved technology for residential HVAC service can help you save money and…
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HVAC Industry Trends for 2019

The new year brings new trends in the HVAC industry. Staying on top of these trends can help you get better service from your HVAC contractor. In 2018, customers saw a boom in the online marketplace. As a result, many customers saw an improvement in the customer service provided by their HVAC contractor. When many…
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