HVAC Industry Trends for 2019

HVAC service in Wake Forest NCThe new year brings new trends in the HVAC industry. Staying on top of these trends can help you get better service from your HVAC contractor. In 2018, customers saw a boom in the online marketplace. As a result, many customers saw an improvement in the customer service provided by their HVAC contractor. When many businesses are competing for your business, the customer wins. How do you take advantage of these trends when it comes time for service in your home? How do you use the expanding online presence of these HVAC companies to choose the right contractor for your home? In this post, we'll share tips and tricks that can help save you money and improve your customer experience in 2019. Need HVAC service in Wake Forest NC this winter? Call Choice HVAC today!

Online Pricing
One of the most significant trends that the industry will see in 2019 is the inclusion of service pricing on company websites. Industry insiders believe that more companies will post their service prices online in an effort to give customers more transparency and to eliminate repeat phone calls. Having these prices online where they are easily accessed can help customers estimate costs for repairs and routine services. Another way for consumers to discover great HVAC companies is through the use of apps like Groupon where local companies offer discounted services.

Expanded Residential Services
Many HVAC companies have begun to expand their residential services by investing in new technologies and equipment. What this means for consumers is that what was once only an option for commercial HVAC systems may now be possible for their residential systems. Services, like retrofitting units and renovating existing equipment, are now possible in the residential space. These advancements can save you money and may be able to help you extend the life of your aging system until the expense of replacing your HVAC unit is more feasible in your budget. Advances in HVAC technology can help your HVAC technician identify hot and cold spots in your home and better understand how you use your heating and cooling system.

Improved Transparency
HVAC companies know that homeowners equate trust with transparency. In 2019 you can expect more transparency from your service technicians in an effort to establish trust and improve the value that customers receive from their services. Many companies have invested in technology that can provide evidence that your furnace is old and needs to be replaced. HVAC technicians can now generate a report which will show the output of your old unit compared to a new one and give you an estimate of your potential energy cost savings. Choice Heating and Air Conditioning has embraced customer transparency since the beginning of our business by offering our customers an upfront pricing guarantee. We guarantee you'll know the cost of your repair or replacement before work begins and that there will be no surprises on your final invoice.

2019 HVAC Service in Wake Forest NC

Take advantage of these 2019 HVAC industry trends to help get better service and pricing on your home's maintenance and repair needs. Call today and schedule your spring air conditioning cleaning and evaluation. Warmer weather will be here before you know it and so will the rush of air conditioning tuneups and repairs. Be ready and have your unit cleaned and inspected today!

Join us next time for more HVAC industry trends that can help you get better service in 2019.

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