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Tips for Using Your Nest Thermostat

If you've installed a Nest thermostat in your home, you're already on your way to better energy management. Did you know that your Nest has lots of different features that can help you save money and keep your home comfortable? Let's look at some of the features that your Nest has that you may not…
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How to Set a Schedule for Your Nest Thermostat

Many homeowners are installing smart thermostats in their homes to save on energy costs and help keep their homes comfortable, without constant thermostat adjustments. While many programmable thermostats offer the ability to set a schedule for your home’s heating and cooling needs, the Nest thermostat makes it easy to set and edit your schedule. If…
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How Thermostats Work – Part 2

Welcome back to our continued look at how thermostats work. In our previous post, we focused on traditional mercury thermostats and their operation in your home. However, these thermostats are losing popularity and are rapidly being replaced by home and business owners with digital thermostats. While the mechanism inside these digital thermostats is much less…
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How a Trusted HVAC Company Can Help You Save Money

Did you know that your HVAC system accounts for almost half of the energy used in your home? An experienced and reputable HVAC contractor can help you save money without sacrificing performance. Preventative maintenance, choosing an Energy Star rated system, and installing an energy saving thermostat in your home are all ways that your HVAC…
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Differences Between Freon and Puron

Do you know the difference between these two refrigerants? For homeowners who have an air conditioner or a heat pump, understanding the distinction is important. It's also important to have your HVAC system cleaned and serviced before you turn on your furnace for winter. Many homeowners don't know that not having their air conditioner or…
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Energy Saving and Eco-Friendly Technology for Your Home

Going green isn't just cool, it can also add some serious green to your wallet! Choosing the right eco-technology for your home can be confusing, but smart homeowners are exploring the ever-growing sea of options in order to save money and protect the environment. If you need furnace replacement in Wake Forest NC, Choice HVAC…
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