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More on the Average Costs to Replace Your Home’s AC in 2018

Welcome back to our continuing series on replacement costs for your air conditioning unit. In our previous post, we highlighted the factors that are important to consider when it comes to replacing your AC unit and the factors that impact the price of that unit. Most homeowners know that the larger their home is, the…
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Average Costs to Replace Your Home’s AC in 2018

Did you know that as your air conditioning unit ages it becomes less energy efficient? Keeping your home cool in the hot North Carolina climate is essential, but if your system is old or failing, you could be paying a lot more for your energy than you realize. Homeowners with older units may also be…
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Average Costs of AC Repair in 2018

Every homeowner dreads the moment when their air conditioning system starts blowing warm air or doesn't want to turn on. As the mercury climbs outside and the temperature rises in your home, it may be more than the heat that has you sweating. The cost to repair your unit can be cause for concern. What…
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