Monthly Archives: June 2018

The Best Indoor Plants for Better Air Quality

Did you know that bringing a little of the outdoors into your home can improve the air quality? Plants add a lushness to sunrooms and sitting areas, and they can also clean the air in your home. Before you head off the nursery to load up on plants, learn more about the benefits of having…
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Benefits of Using a Basement Dehumidifier for the Summer

With the temperatures heating up and the humidity rising, your basement may become uncomfortable. Not only it is essential to manage the heat in your basement, but controlling the humidity can save precious mementos, make the space more enjoyable, and help allergy sufferers. Unsure why managing the humidity in your basement is important? Here are…
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DIY HVAC Repair Could Cost You!

It's no secret that owning a home can be expensive. Unexpected costs like a broken air conditioner can leave many homeowners looking for creative ways to repair their system and save money. However, when your air conditioning unit breaks down, doing it yourself may actually end up costing you more or causing further damage to…
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