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How to Stay Warm and Safe When the Power Goes out During Winter

Winter weather has the potential to turn severe, and when that happens, you could experience a power outage. During the summer, losing power is mildly inconvenient, but with the cold temperatures in the winter a power outage can be dangerous. A little planning ahead can help keep you and your loved ones safe should you…
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Making Your Home More Energy Efficient in 2018

Who wouldn't want to save money on their energy bills this year? As the cost of energy rises, smart homeowners are looking for ways to keep the amount they spend each month on heating and cooling their homes in check. Choice Heating and Air Conditioning knows that when it comes to understanding how to reduce…
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The Sounds Your Furnace Shouldn’t Be Making!

Whether it's banging, popping, grinding, or thudding, there are just some sounds your furnace shouldn't make. Decoding these noises and knowing when they are severe and when it just part of the operation of your unit can be tricky. It may not be possible to diagnose exactly what's going on by the sound your furnace…
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More on Why One Room of Your Home Is Colder Than the Others

As we continue to look at why some of the rooms in your home may be heating unevenly this winter, we turn our attention to the air balance in your home. While common problems like dirty air filters, blocked air vents, inadequately sized systems, and poor insulation can impact the way your home heats, having…
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Why One Room of Your Home Is Colder Than the Others

Is there one room in your home that always seems to be cold? A combination of issues in your home could be causing the temperature drop. Inconsistencies in the temperature in your home can be especially difficult to tolerate¬†during the winter months. Here are some of the most likely causes of those cold rooms. When…
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How to Warm Up Cold Spots in Your Home

Cold spots in your home can be troublesome this winter. While they may have you scratching your head, there are often simple and inexpensive ways to fix these issues. The experts at Choice Heating and Air Conditioning have compiled a list of easy solutions to remedy this common problem. If you're searching for a Wake…
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