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HVAC Tips for Selling Your Home This Fall

Planning to list your home for sale this fall? Whether you are finally building your dream house or are taking a promotion across the country, when it comes time to put your home on the market be sure your HVAC system is ready for inspection. Many homeowners focus on touching up paint, laying new flooring…
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Replacing Your AC in the Fall and Winter Will Save You Money

As the weather cools down, the last thing you are probably thinking about is your air conditioning unit. You should know, however, if your air conditioner struggled to keep your home cool this past summer replacing your unit during the fall or winter can save you quite a bit of money. Here's why replacing your air conditioner…
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Schedule Your Wake Forest HVAC Fall Tune Up

Now is the best time to schedule your furnace service with Choice Heating and Air Conditioning. With the holiday season rapidly approaching and nighttime temperatures dipping lower and lower, many homeowners are thinking about turning on the heat. Before you crank up the thermostat, let the HVAC professionals at Choice clean and inspect your system.…
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Getting the Most Out of Your HVAC Warranty, continued

Welcome back to our continuing look at getting the most benefit out of your HVAC warranty. In our previous post, we outlined common mistakes that homeowners make that will void the warranty on their HVAC system. We also touched on the importance of selecting a quality system from a reputable manufacturer and understanding the different…
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Getting the Most Out of Your HVAC Warranty

In our previous post, we highlighted the differences between a warranty and a guarantee for your home's HVAC system. Knowing the difference between these two can save you money should your system malfunction or need a component replaced. The two most important things that homeowners need to know about the warranty on their HVAC system is…
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National Furnace Tune-Up Month

Now is the perfect time to be thinking about your furnace. The weather is cooling down, and you won't want to be caught on that first cold morning without any heat. Avoid an expensive emergency service call by giving your furnace a tune-up. Maintaining your furnace and keeping it in good working order starts with your…
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