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Tips for Preventing Uneven Temps in Two-Story Homes

Welcome back to our continuing series on cooling and heating your two story home. In our previous post, we discussed why your home heats and cools unevenly and how to help your HVAC unit work more efficiently. Together with our skilled team of HVAC technicians, you can identify the major causes of uneven temperatures in…
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Why Your Upstairs Is Always Too Hot!

Coming home after a long day at work often means a quick change of clothes before you make dinner or head out the door to your next activity. If you're like most people, you race up the stairs and are met with a cloud of hot, stale air. Not exactly the way you want to…
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Will Homeowners Insurance Cover a Broken HVAC?

When your home's air conditioning unit starts to malfunction, many homeowners turn to their insurance policy to see if their HVAC system is covered. However, unless your unit has been damaged by flooding, fire, a falling tree, lightning strike, or vandalism, your homeowners policy doesn't provide coverage for the repairs. This leaves owners responsible for the…
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Preventing Stale Air in Rooms This Summer

With the hot summer sun beating down outside and your air conditioning unit running non-stop, the air in your home may be smelling a little musty. Circulating the air through your home can help prevent these odors and keep your home smelling fresh and clean. Here are some tips on preventing stale air in your home…
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Why Is My AC Not Blowing Hard?

For most homeowners, few things induce panic more than your air conditioning unit not working properly on a hot summer day. The chances are that you noticed your home becoming warmer and now you're uncomfortable as well. The heat only adds to the urgency that a situation like this creates. Before you call an HVAC company…
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