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2017 Hurricane Season and Your HVAC

Hurricane forecasters across the nation are cautioning that the Atlantic hurricane season could be more active than usual this year. The season began on June 1st and ends on November 30. The Weather Channel is predicting three major hurricanes, seven hurricanes, and four tropical storms this season. These numbers are higher than the 30 year…
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How to Avoid Water Damage from a Leaky A/C

Did you know that your HVAC system should be cleaned and inspected twice a year? Many homeowners use their systems year round without having them cleaned or serviced. The problem with skipping this maintenance is that these routine inspections can identify small problems before they become much larger issues. For the best prices on extra air…
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The Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Is Leaking

Many homeowners, especially new homeowners, become concerned when they see water coming from their air conditioning unit. While there are times when the water coming from your air conditioning unit can mean a very big problem, in most cases it is just a sign that your unit is working normally. The humid Carolina summers make…
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Can Electrical Problems Create AC Issues?

Every homeowner knows that the summer heat causes their electric bill to rise. However, performance issues with your air conditioning unit can also increase your bill. Knowing whether the issue is the function of your air conditioner or an electrical issue in your home can be difficult. Choice Heating and Air Conditioning recommends having your…
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How Your AC Gets Damaged During a Lightning Storm

Summertime brings intense storms across the Carolinas. Unfortunately, with these storms' power outages, downed trees and flooding are common. What many homeowners do not realize is that the lightning that accompanies many of these storms poses a significant risk to your air conditioning system. While you cannot protect your system from a lightning strike, you…
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Can I Use My Air Conditioner When It’s Raining?

Many homeowners are concerned about the external components on their air conditioning units during heavy summer rains. When those late afternoon downpours move in and cool things off, they certainly leave a lot of moisture behind. The good news is that your external unit was designed to be outside. Read on for more on when water…
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