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Seeing Window Condensation? Here’s What to Do!

If you open the curtains to look out your windows and find they’re covered in condensation, you might have a problem. It’s not just obstructing your view; it can be a sign of an underlying problem in your home. Do you need a new heat pump installed in Wake Forest NC for your home? Call Choice…
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Schedule Your Spring AC Tune Up

Temperatures are starting to warm up and before you know it, you’ll be turning on your air conditioner for the season. Before you crank it up, consider having a spring tune up to ensure that everything is working properly. Spring is the best time to have your unit serviced because you’re probably not using it…
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Reducing Spring Allergies with These Tips

Springtime can seem like a welcome relief after a cold dreary winter, but if you’re one of the millions that suffer from seasonal allergies, it can be hard to appreciate it between sneezing fits. With the warmer breezes and blooming flowers comes pollen that settles on everything causing those allergies to kick in. There isn’t…
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Energy Saving Spring Cleaning Tips

Many people like to take a weekend to “spring clean” when the weather starts getting warmer. While you’re decluttering and putting away your winter clothes, you can add these ideas to your to-do list. These tips can help your home run more efficiently and may help save on energy costs. Searching for an extra air…
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