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Prep Your Home and Thermostat for Summer Vacation

School's almost out and the summer months are almost here. This is the time of the year when most people like to plan their family vacations. As you're making your vacation plans, check out these tips from your number one Wake Forest NC air conditioning repair service, Choice HVAC, to make sure you return to…
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More Summer Energy Saving Tips

Spring time is almost over and summer is right around the corner. When the really hot weather hits, I'm sure you're going to want to be able to kick back, relax and stay cool without breaking your savings account wide open. Here are a few more tips that we recently thought of and wanted to…
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How Important is Duct Cleaning?

Have you ever wondered if cleaning out your¬†ductwork is important? As Wake Forest HVAC repair and service experts, we often get this question from many homeowners. So is it worth the cost? It really depends on the age of your home. If your home is brand new, then it probably can wait a few years.…
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Why Won’t My Central AC Unit Turn On?

As the weather starts to heat up here in central North Carolina, the last thing you'll want to deal with is your home's AC system not working or breaking down. So what are you supposed to do to troubleshoot the problem? The number one Wake Forest NC air conditioning repair service, Choice HVAC, wants you…
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How Gross Is the Water That Drips From Air Conditioners?

When the weather gets warm in NC all you seem to hear is the buzzing of all of the air conditioners being run all day and night. As a kid growing up, we only had the luxury of having window units for our air conditioners, no central heat and air until I was almost grown.…
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Why Is My AC Leaking Water, Continued

Welcome back to the second part of this mini series on water leaking from your AC. If you're new to this post, part one covered the main factors that can cause your AC unit to leak water, which we will try to summarize below. In the meantime, part two of the post will cover a…
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