Monthly Archives: March 2015

Why Is My Office Freezing Cold?

It's getting hot outside. This makes working conditions tough for some people in your office. While it can be sweltering outside, the inside temperatures at work can be flat out freezing. I do not have any special survey data, or infographics to prove my point, but if you've lived in North Carolina long enough, then…
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Your Indoor AC Spring Checklist

Before we get too deep into the 2015 air cooling season, we are going to talk about the things that you need to do to inspect your home's indoor AC equipment. The entirety of post might not apply to everyone, because some of you have your AC unit outdoors. If your AC unit needs a…
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Spring Energy Saving Tips

Today, we are going to talk about some of the strategies that you can use to help you save money, and energy during the spring and summer months. Choice Heating and Air, the Wake Forest HVAC repair experts, wants you to be able to stay cool when the weather gets warm, so call us today…
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Why Did My AC Stop Working?

Do you want to know why your AC stopped working? Today, we are going to discuss some of those reasons and what you should do about them. We sat down with the professionals at Choice HVAC, the experts for air conditioning repair in Wake Forest NC, to get the lowdown on how you should stay…
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Signs Your AC Needs to Be Replaced

As we approach the hot and humid months of a typical North Carolina summer, you should be thinking about how to ensure that your AC unit is running in prime condition. If you correlate the summertime weather with only high energy costs and being dreadfully uncomfortable, then you might need to call the best HVAC…
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Indoor Air Quality Products | Spring Checkup

Homeowners all around Raleigh NC are really looking forward to the warmer weather. With warmer temperatures comes all of the beautiful flowers of spring. The bad part is that this also means the start of allergy season. For people with asthma, and problems with seasonal allergies, the spring time is the worst mostly due to…
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